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Career & Business Consultation

Consultation that will help you enhance build and double your profit and manage your career .


Horoscope Match-Making Consultation

Whether it’s a love or arranged marriage, we are here at your service to match horoscopes.


Marriage Consultation

Problems in your relationship/marriage just a single consultation to make your marriage strong .


Love & Relationship Consultation

Many don’t know or are unaware of how they please partners in relationships, the central fears and emotional issues that come up in the relationship, and why these relationships usually don’t sustain out and are short lived.


Business Name Consultation

It’s always the name that matters or makes the first impression. Get your business name that matches you.


Tarot Card Reading

The special tarot card reading service for you to make you strong and confident enough to overcome all your problems in life.

About Anand Acharya

We all know Astrology is an ancient concept that claims to divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects. If we look back to history, from Gods to kings everyone believes in the celestial predictions deeply that has created the deep importance of Astrology among Humans. In fact in this modern age of Science and Technology with Heterodox thoughts, Astrology has the same impact. And to continue the importance and legacy Acharya Anand- one of the top Astrologer of Bengaluru, has constantly engaged in the service of mankind for the last 13 years with his accurate predictions making people to take significant decisions in their life.

Acharya Anand who is just 29 years old, is a great visionary and versatile personality with multi-dimensional skills who has successfully transformed the lives of millions of people by changing their ways and attitude towards life. His experience and expertise are far more than his age. His predictions are not just limit with the old methods of puja’s and other activities but with the new concept of counseling. He believes puja methods only effects when people are positive towards their life.hat's why his astrology is the amalgamation of Predictions and counseling that makes him different from other Astrologers. His this specialty giving the new definition of Astrology in this social world.

Born on 10th Oct 1989 in a Brahman family in Bettiah, Bihar Astrologer Anand completed his education i.e Shastri from Maharishi Ved Vigyan Vishwa Vidya Peetham (MVVVP)- Mangeli Bhagalpur. With having early age passion and believe, Astrologer Anand started learning Vedic astrology from his mother when he was just 5 years old. His mother is also a Vedic Astrology Expert and worked in Rishikesh Panchanga as an Editor and also practicing Vedic Astrology for past 40 years. So Acharya got his prediction inspiration from his mother as she wanted him to be an Astrologer.

Questions & Answers (2)

What kind of questions can I ask ?

Answered by the admin

Please be as specific as possible. Include all details - however mundane. Please avoid questions that are unclear or overly broad. Please avoid multiple questions in a single order. Please take care to check all details - especially birth date, birth time (am or pm) and location.


Is astrology a scientific method to predict the future ?

Answered by the admin

No, astrology is not a proven science. It is an opinion that you need to consider before accepting. Please read the disclaimer.


Reviews (2)

  1. Astrology services Bangalore Hyderabad Arvind Patil

    Great analysis of the situation doesn't waste much time. Wish I had contacted him before.

  2. Astrology services Bangalore Hyderabad Amar Singh

    Without a doubt, there is no comparison of AstroTalk when it comes to Astrology industry. They have revolutionized everything with excellent customer service .

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